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Favorite and recent repositories

When your workspace grows, you may have many repositories and documents. Once you have more than 5 repositories in your workspace - to help you navigate easily, you will always see the favorite and recent repositories on top. On the sidebar, they appear under Favorites & recents:

Recent repos in sidemenu

This is also true when searching for the relevant code snippets - you will see these repositories on the top of the list.

Favorite repositories have a star next to them. They can be added to favorites by the user, and only appear as favorites for that user. Recent repositories are the last repositories you have visited from the Swimm app.

Adding a repo to the favorites

On the sidebar, hover on the specific repository, and click on the ellipsis icon. Then, click on Add to favorites:

Add repo to favorites

You can add a repository that is listed as recent to favorites by hovering over it and a hollowed out star will appear - clicking that star will make the repository a favorite.

Removing a repo from the favorites

On the sidebar, you will see a star next to the favorite repositories. Clicking on the star icon next to a repository will remove this repository from the favorites.

Remove repo from favorites

Why don't I see a section of favorite repositories?

This feature only appears when you have 5 or more repositories in the workspace.

This document is automatically kept up to date using Swimm.