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Code coupling suggestions

As you edit your docs, you will likely mention some references to parts of the code and Swimm offers auto-detection and suggestions for these code references.

Example: In an example document, “How to register our notification provider”, we highlight a code snippet that explains the wrapper, register_notification_provider, is used to add a function for Slack notifications.

  • Notice that Swimm recognized our typing of the value, register_notification_provider, as a code reference and suggested to convert it to a Smart Token.
  • It is a recommended best practice to code-couple as many code references as possible in a Swimm document to maintain your documents up-to-date and reliable at all times.
  • Swimm will also suggest code-coupling paths and file names.

Watch Swimm suggest code-coupling register_notification_provider below.

This document is automatically kept up to date using Swimm.