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Swimm Developer Community

As a language-agnostic tool, our community of users spans many different countries and many different disciplines within software engineering. What we all have in common is, our desire to share knowledge and learn.

We respectfully ask that everyone follow our Code Of Conduct when engaging with others in the Swimm community, this includes Swimm employees and associates.

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Our Primary Community Hub Is Slackโ€‹

Please join our community channel for asking questions, getting to know our developers, sharing funny gifs and talking about documentation & writing in general. It's pretty low-volume and relaxed.

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Office Hoursโ€‹

Learn more about our office hours in our Community Slack Channel.


Social, Q&A And Other Places To Find Usโ€‹

We love when people tweet about their experiences with Swimm! Follow us for updates and ways to get cool swag ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Code tutorials, utilities, and examples of open source projects using Swimm!

Ask and answer questions about Swimm! Please use Slack for bug reports and feature requests.

Find tutorials, feature demos, exciting interviews and more on our YouTube channel.

Keep up with news about the Swimm team, events, and in-depth writing about our industry from our unique vantage point.

Informal updates and photos from SwimmHQ In Tel-Aviv and NYC. Please don't post support requests or bug reports on Facebook.

Our team, our dogs, and most importantly, our coffee.