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Benefits of code-coupled documentation

Swimm is private and secure

Swimm is SOC 2 and ISO27001 compliant. Swimm does not modify any of your code and none of your actual code or content is stored on Swimm’s servers, including your Git provider token. All data transferred to and from Swimm’s servers is encrypted during transit.

Swimm users see immediate results: highly productive developer teams, quality documentation, faster onboarding, and collaborative culture where documentation can be trusted (it's up-to-date!) and knowledge sharing is prioritized.

1. Create your docs easily and quickly with Swimm's code-coupled editor​

We’re all short on time. Write your docs quickly using Swimm’s code-coupled editor, which has rich text capabilities (colors, fonts, images, hyperlinks), Markdown, and live code elements like snippets or tokens to embed in your docs from your repositories.

2. Consume your docs right in your IDE​

IDE-integrated documentation is the easiest and most convenient way to read documentation. Your docs and notes are inside your IDE, so you don’t have to switch contexts to access your docs and search for existing documentation.

Swimm supports IDE integrations with VS Code and IntelliJ plugins.

3. Update your docs automatically​

Swimm’s Auto-sync feature automatically keeps your code snippets up to date when your code changes. If Swimm’s Auto-sync algorithm determines that a change in the code is important enough that more information is needed, Swimm’s verification check fails, affected docs are marked as potentially out of date, and you are updated.

4. Streamline every PR with Swimm’s CI integrations​

Swimm’s CI integrations help you streamline every pull request to verify that your documentation stays up to date.

5. Import files to Swimm from Notion and Confluence​

Start importing files directly from your computer to Swimm or importing existing documentation from Notion and Confluence. Once you import your files, you can replace code blocks with code snippets to keep your docs up to date.

6. Onboard your team with Playlists​

Playlists are collections of docs, links, videos, Markdown files, and images that are put into a collection. It is one of Swimm’s most popular features, especially for onboarding.

7. Knowledge sharing and collaboration with up-to-date & trusted documentation​

Code-coupled documentation has transformed knowledge sharing and collaboration on dev teams. Once teams streamline documentation so that code and documentation are created and maintained together, knowledge is no longer scattered (and lost and documentation can be trusted).

TL;DR Swimm impact
  • Create docs easily with Swimm's code-coupled editor.
  • Consume your docs in the IDE right when you need them. Swimm has plugins for VS Code and IntelliJ.
  • Streamline everything with Swimm's CI integrations.
  • Import existing docs and files from Notion & Confluence.

Knowledge sharing is essential to building trust, leading to strong team cultures and increased developer satisfaction.

This document is automatically kept up to date using Swimm.