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Editor tips and tricks

This page describes tips and tricks for using Swimm's editor.

Selecting tokens

When adding Smart Tokens, Swimm suggests tokens from across the repositories in your workspace.

Swimm suggests only the most relevant tokens from your repositories. If you don't see the token you would like to include in your doc, simply reference the file where the desired token is. Swimm always suggests tokens from any code file referenced in the document (by including a token from this file, a path to the file, or a snippet from this file).

That is, if you can't see the token you are looking for, reference the file where the token resides. You can do it by adding a path to this file.

To link to a specific heading with the document, hover on top of an existing heading, and you will see the link icon on the left. Click on that icon, and a link to this heading will be copied to your clipboard:

Favorite repositories

You can add a repo to your favorite repositories, so you will see it on top of the repositories list to select code from.


Swimm's editor does not have LaTeX editing capabilities. However, you can show LaTeX equations using the following method:

  1. Create your LaTeX expression using an online tool, such as CodeCogs editor. For example, say your expression is e^{i\pi}.
  2. Insert the expression using an image, like so: <img src="^{i\pi}/>.

This document is automatically kept up to date using Swimm.