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Enable Swimm AI

Swimm's integration with Azure OpenAI elevates the efficiency of creating high-quality documentation.

Swimm AI with Azure OpenAI

Enable Generative AI

Click on the ellipsis ... for your repository and go to Integrations & Settings.

Toggle Generative AI to enable it for your repository.

Note: Admin privileges in your workspace are required to activate this feature.

Have your own Azure OpenAI API key?

Do you have an on-premise instance of Azure OpenAI? Get in touch with the Swimm team and follow these installation instructions to add a dedicated container within your local network to communicate with your API key.

Azure OpenAI Service Data Handling

Data Processing and Privacy

  • User Data: Swimm may send parts of the document you're working on, including code snippets, to Azure OpenAI for processing. No other data is transmitted.
  • Data Security: Your data, including prompts and generated content, is not accessible to other customers or OpenAI, and it's not used for improving Azure OpenAI models.
  • Stateless Models: Azure OpenAI models process prompts in real-time without storing them, ensuring your data's privacy.

Azure OpenAI's Data Handling Practices

For detailed information on Azure OpenAI's data handling practices, please refer to their official documentation: Azure OpenAI Data Privacy.


Head over to the /ask Swimm FAQ section or security page to learn more about our Azure OpenAI Integration.

This document is automatically kept up to date using Swimm.