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Members and Admins

Within a specific Swimm workspace, there are two types of users at Swimm: Members and Admins.

Members can: Create, edit, collaborate, and assign documentation, Playlists & diagrams, and connect to the Slack app.

Notice that most of the access control is done via Git - if a user can access a specific repository, they can also access the documentation on that repository.

Admins have all the capabilities of Members plus the following:

  1. Connect repositories to the workspace. Admins can grant non-admins permissions to add repositories to the workspace in Workspace settings -> Members.
Add Repository as non-admin
  1. Install Swimm's GitHub App to automate workflows to promote documentation creation and consumption.

  2. Invite additional Members to the workspace.

  3. Promote other Members to Admins.

This document is automatically kept up to date using Swimm.