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Supported Git Providers

The specific instructions will depend on your Git Provider.

Git ProviderStatusInstallation GuideLocal mode availableVerify Swimm docs are up-to-date with the codebaseAre documents or code stored on Swimm's servers?
GitHubSupported ✅GitHub GuideYes ✅GitHub AppNever
GitHub EnterpriseSupported ✅Contact SwimmYes ✅Swimm CLINever
GitLabSupported ✅GitLab GuideNo 🚫Swimm CLINever
GitLab EnterpriseSupported ✅Contact SwimmYes ✅Swimm CLINever
BitBucketSupported ✅Bitbucket GuideNo 🚫Swimm CLINever
BitBucket Data CenterSupported ✅Contact SwimmYes ✅Swimm CLINever
Azure DevOps ServicesSupported ✅Azure GuideYes ✅Swimm CLINever

Any questions about the supported Git providers?

Contact Swimm Team