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Known Issues and Limitations

Unsupported features in Swimm's IDE Plugins

Swimm offers multiple products for a full documentation experience: Swimm web app, CI integrations and the Swimm IDE plugins.

Some of the features are not available via the IDE plugin, but they are on Swimm web app.

Playlist Functionality in the IDE

While the documentation for playlists can be accessed and modified within the IDE, the playlist feature itself is currently unavailable.

Multi-repo Docs

Documentation featuring excerpts and elements from various repositories can be accessed within the IDE, but alterations are only permissible via the web application.

To view the document with full multi-repo support, please view or edit it in the web app.

Known issues

Formatters (i.e Prettier, ESLint, autopep8)Formatters might attempt to auto-format Swimm's Markdown files and cause false positives when tracking code-coupled elements.We recommend excluding Swimm documents from any code formatters you're using.
Side by side Markdown instancesOpening the raw Markdown side by side to Swimm rich editor might cause side-effects during typing.In general, try to avoid editing the raw Markdown. Swimm rich editor is capable supports all Markdown syntax
Unsaved docsSwimm code tracking does not check unsaved docs.When editing a doc, make sure you save (cmd+s/ctrl+s) as same as you would do with code files.
Stale panel after changing a branchChanging a branch is challenging to detect. The doc status in the Swimm panel might not reflect the true state (number of docs or which docs are up-to-date)To make sure the panel is up to date, rerun the "Check status", or re-open the Swimm panel
Undo after renaming a docIf a file was renamed before using "undo", the undo will revert the rename action back to the original name.
JetBrains on WSL - logged out after close/reopen of IDEPassword retreival did not respond within the expected timeframe.Workaround - Save your Swimm password in keepass. (screenshot below)

This document is automatically kept up to date using Swimm.