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Keep docs up to date from VS Code

Know when changes to code affect your docs & keep them up to date as part of your workflow, even before pushing changes. Our AI provides update suggestions based on code changes.

Maintain Swimm documentation

Swimm is a comprehensive tool designed for code documentation and tracking, interfacing directly with Git. The patented Auto-sync feature of Swimm keeps your code elements (snippets, tokens and paths) within your documentation up to date in alignment with your codebase changes. This significantly reduces the manual effort required to keep your documents in sync with your code changes.

Check documentation status from VS Code

Use the button provided in the Swimm plugin to check the status of all your Swimm docs. This helps you identify any outdated documentation, for instance after making code changes that are referenced in your documents.

Verifying Changes

When changes are made to your code, Swimm verifies all code-coupled elements within your Swimm documents to match the latest source file updates. For instance, a function name change in the code will reflect in your Swimm document.

Reconciling Changes

You need to accept Swimm's proposed changes within the document to keep it updated. In case Swimm marks a code element as Outdated, you can replace it with another element, or just delete it altogether. By saving the file after accepting changes, Swimm updates your Markdown document, and these changes will also reflect in your source control.

After saving your changes, you can check the status again to ensure all your Swimm docs are updated and reconciled.

Committing and Pushing Changes

Once all documents are updated, you need to save, commit and push the updates to the remote repository.

This document is automatically kept up to date using Swimm.