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Full guides

Our use case guides section includes detailed guides for using Swimm for specific use cases.

Swimm use cases

Use cases for Swimm include:

  • 🌊 Open bottlenecks in development

    • Clarify highly complex code that slows down development, by explaining reasons behind development decisions, walking through elaborate processes or detailing dependencies and interactions.
    • Ask veteran developers to documents parts of the code that only they understand, to reduce risk, save time on code reviews and "democratize" knowledge.
  • 🌊 Promote new tools and best practices

    • Help the team adopt a new tool (/library/framework) or best practice by detailing how to use it and providing correct examples from the codebase.
    • Instructions will remain up to date as practices change evolve.
  • 🌊 Onboard developers to a new team or project

    • Create documentation to help onboard new team members, and then put together Documentation Playlists customized for your team's needs.
  • 🌊 Speed through refactoring and infrastructure changes

    • Update parts of the documentation that require updating as a result of the refactoring or infrastructure changes, and let your team know about the changes.
    • Create a knowledge hub for the organization to help different teams make the necessary changes to their own code.
  • 🌊 Improve communication and alignment between teams

    • Reduce friction between teams by detailing how to work with or make changes to code.
    • Keep different teams in the know about changes other teams have made that may affect their work.
  • 🌊 Learn from mistakes

    • Write incident reports, detailing the code that was involved, so that developers find warnings about possible bugs next to the relevant code.
  • 🌊 Research → development

    • Document the infrastructure and research process used, and share the results with the development team. Explain how to use the research outcomes during development.
  • 🌊 Internal API

    • Demonstrate flows of using the API internally.

To learn more about how companies are using Swimm to push forward with their priorities, check out Swimm's case studies.

This document is automatically kept up to date using Swimm.