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Swimm community code of conduct

This is where you can find information on Swimm’s values and the foundations of how we aim to bring our users and supporters together.

Whether you’re here just to get some inspiration, ask questions or generously share what you know, you’re welcome! Great that you’re here. Feel at home, and help us build a community where all people participate regardless of background, expertise level or any other traits.

We commit to continually revisiting and upgrading our code of conduct as well as enforcing it. The information shared here applies to everyone in the Swimm community including our team. The intent of this Code of Conduct is not to create an exhaustive list of values, guidelines and behaviors that are welcome or discouraged but rather to establish guidelines that we believe help us in our efforts in becoming the great community we aspire to be.

Our values:

  • Down to earth: We strive to be approachable, friendly and fair.
  • Trust is key: We honor disclosure, integrity and commitment.
  • Boldly driving change: We believe in making waves with courage and curiosity.
  • Learning & growth mindset: We foster personal growth, agility, empathy and trying again.
  • Professionals In Our Craft: We take pride in trailblazing, excelling, uplifting and paying it forward.

Engagement guidelines within the community:

  1. If you’re here to get information, make it as easy as possible for others to help you.
  2. If you have information you can share, that’s great! It will be highly appreciated. When sharing information, please be patient and welcoming.
  3. Be clear and constructive when giving feedback and be open when receiving it.
  4. Be inclusive and respectful. Use gender-neutral language. Use people’s stated pronouns.
  5. Understand that we’re an open community.

Examples of welcoming behavior:

  • Welcoming new users with helpful, explanatory comments.
  • Politely answering a question that has been asked in different ways before.

Examples of unwelcoming behavior:

  • Put-downs (even subtle ones) or unfriendly language.
  • Negative comments on one’s level of expertise, ethnicity, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation or other parts of their identity.
  • Criticism of individuals based on their country of origin or residence.
  • Consistently failing or refusing to use someone’s stated pronouns if they make them known.


Should one engage in behavior that is not in line with our guidelines or values they may receive a warning. This is not pleasant and we would prefer not to get there.

In the rare occasion that one receives a warning and engages in behavior that is not in line with our guidelines or values for a second time, their account may be limited from engaging with the community.

In the very unlikely situation in which one received two warnings in the past and further engages in behavior that is not in line with our guidelines or values, their account may be suspended permanently and banned from engaging with our community.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to contribute as a moderator, you can reach us at