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Swimm's IDE Plugins

Swimm's IDE plugins allow you to see links to Swimm documentation right from the code that they document. When you click on a link, your IDE will open a new tab with the documentation perfectly rendered from Markdown. You can then kick off a split window, and read the documentation side-by-side with the code you're working on.

Would you like to try Swimm directly from your IDE right now, in about a minute?

You can experience Swimm documentation inline with code right now with VSCode or any JetBrains IDE - it will only take a minute with three easy steps. No signup of any kind or sharing of information is required.

Install and enable Swimm's Visual Studio CodeΒ OrΒ JetBrains plugin as appropriate. Take a look at the screen shots below to get an idea of what it adds and how it surfaces Swimm documentation.

Here's how Swimm documents are advertised within the IDE - take this state machine transition table as an example:

Swimm Visual Studio Code Plugin Showing Swimm Doc Link

Links appear per snippet that you include in your documentation, so the more snippets, the better the in-IDE coverage is going to be. Continuing the example, let's say someone was looking for clues about that state machine in the header:

Swimm Visual Studio Code Plugin Showing Swimm Doc Link

What's even more special is the ability to read the in-depth doc, right there in the IDE, by just clicking on one of those Swimm doc links:

Swimm Visual Studio Code Plugin Showing Whole Doc In Tab

Visual Studio Code

Our Visual Studio Code plugin is available from within the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Visit The VSCode Marketplace

JetBrains (all IDE products)

Our JetBrains plugin works across all IDE products, including IntelliJ IDEA, PHPStorm, PyCharm, etc. You can download it from your IDE, or check out the plugin page.