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Swimm Use Cases

Use cases for Swimm include:

  • Onboarding
    • Create documentation to help onboard new team members, and then put together documentation Playlistscustomized for your team's needs.
  • Complex Code:
    • Create documentation for complex code and non-standard processes that is confusing and requires more information.
  • Knowledge Sharing:
    • Create documentation to ramp up the onboarding of new developers and engineers. Use Swimm’s Playlists to help.
    • Create documentation to eliminate legacy code and promote inclusive teams & knowledge sharing.
  • Refactoring:
    • Update parts of the documentation that require updating as a result of the refactoring, and let your team know about the changes.
  • Research → Development:
    • Document the infrastructure and research process used, and share the results with the development team. Having a research team share its results with the development team. Explain how to use the research outcomes during development.
  • Internal API:
    • Demonstrate flows of using the API internally.

To learn more about how companies are using Swimm to push forward with their priorities, check out Swimm's case studies.