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Documentation as Code

DaC (Documentation as Code) is an approach of treating documentation like code so that documentation and code are created and maintained together.

Docs-as-code principles include the following:

  • Docs are part of the Version Control (Git)
  • The underlying syntax is Markdown
  • Docs can be the subject of code reviews, automated tests, and the CI process

The Docs-as-code approach gives developers the benefits of a more streamlined process. This includes the ability to write and edit documents as part of the development process; documents are committed as Markdown files alongside the code; documents are naturally versioned within branches; documentation is enforced as part of PR or CI processes; documentation is available in the IDE.

Docs-as-code & Swimm

Swimm saves all documentation as code, which means that Swimm Docs are as easy to read as Markdown files.

A simple and typical editing workflow looks like this:

  1. Closer to the end of a development task, the developer commits their changes.
  2. Swimm detects that as a result of code changes, some documents need to be amended and notifies the developer.
  3. The developer then accesses these docs and either automatically approves Swimm’s Auto-sync corrections, or decides to further edit the doc.
  4. Once done, developers commit the changes as part of the PR.