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Swimm's IDE Plugins

IDE Integrated documentation is the most convenient method of creating and reviewing documentation. With Swimm’s IDE plugins, developers read and write documentation inside their IDE and no longer have to switch contexts to an external place to write documentation.

Swimm supports integrations with VS Code and IntelliJ IDEs.

Why use Swimm's IDE plugins?

With Swimm's IDE plugins, you can read and write your documentation in the "ideal place" where you would want to be writing, reviewing, changing, or just explaining documentation to the rest of your team.

  • Read all available docs right in your IDE.
  • Discover existing documentation in your codebase.
  • Review annotations easily when reviewing or writing new code.
  • Eliminate context switching and the alt + tab nightmare.
Get Swimm’s JetBrains plugin here.
Get Swimm’s VS Code plugin here.