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IDE Plugins - VS Code

Step 1: Install

Get your Visual Studio Code extension here

Step 2: Log in

Login: Once installed, you will see Swimm's panel in your IDE.
Authorize: In your browser, authorize Swimm.


Step 3: Explore

Swimm Sidebar

Swimm’s sidebar, featured on the left side of the page, is set up as a documentation page tree in alphabetical order for all your docs. If you have created code-coupled documentation with Swimm, you will see a list of those docs.

Click on an item will open the Markdown.


Get the best out of your Markdown files and install the Live Preview VS Code Extension.


Once VS Code is installed and you’ve logged in, begin exploring away!


Current File

Under "Current File," you'll see documents associated with code file that you are working on.

Code Hints

With Swimm, you add snippets and comments to documentation. These comments function as “code hints'' to help you consume documentation in the context of your codebase.

When you hover over the Swimm icon, you see the doc name and metadata all related to this particular piece of code.




Look at the names under “Created by” and “Last Contributor” to find out who has the most current knowledge related to a section of the code.