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Quick Start Guide

To get started with Swimm, we suggest running through this Quick Start Guide we've created.

Bring documentation to your team to make knowledge sharing faster, easier, and coupled to code.

Add a Repository

Once your workspace is set up, connect your GitHub repository.

Step 1: Click "Connect a Repo" from the sidebar.

Sign into GitHub

Step 2: Connect your repository. Select from either "All repositories" or "Public repositories only" and then click "Allow GitHub Access."

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Step 3: Sign into GitHub.

Sign into GitHub

Step 4: Select your repository.

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Create Your First Doc

If you're asking yourself, "Where do I start?" here are a few quick tips.

On the documentation front, starting small is absolutely fine!

➡️ Select a Code Snippet and write notes to walk another developer through the code

➡️ Review Draft Documentation from your Pull Requests that Swimm creates automatically for you

➡️ Use one of Swimm's Templates to help you get a documentation jump start

Sign into GitHub

To Add a Swimm Snippet

✅ Click on / and choose "snippet" from the dropdown

✅ Highlight the code using your mouse

✅ Click enter to add the code snippet

✅ Click Esc to go back to the editor

Sign into GitHub

To Save and Committ:

✅ Click on the "Create Pull Request" button in the top right corner

✅ Create a new branch to start a Pull Request or push to an existing branch

All docs will be saved under the .swm folder once the docs are committed to the repo.

Integrate Your IDE

✅ Install and enable the Swimm plugin for VS Code or IntelliJ

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✅ If you are using VS Code, once you click on the Swimm icon, the IDE will open a new tab containing your Swimm Doc

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✅ If you are using IntelliJ, click on the Swimm buoy, and the IDE will open a new tab containing your Swimm Doc

Sign into GitHub

Installing the GitHub App

Swimm's GitHub App will verify that all your documents are updated on every Pull Request

✅ Click on Integrations in the top right corner

✅ Click on Install GitHub App

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Documentation Use Cases

🌊 Onboarding

Create documentation to ramp up onboarding new developers and engineers with Swimm Playlists

🌊 Complex Code

Create documentation for complex code and nonstandard processes that is confusing and requires more information

🌊 Knowledge Silos

Create documentation to eliminate legacy code and promote inclusive teams & knowledge sharing