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Creating Content in Swimm

Click “New” on the repo page and see our Creation Hub giving you all the options to get started writing documentation.

Here are some of the options you’ll see there:

Blank Doc

You can always start creating documentation with a completely blank doc. It’s as simple as that!

Sign into GitHub


If you want to create a collection of docs for your teammates to go over in a certain order, we suggest that you start with Swimm Playlists. Learn more about Swimm Playlists.

Pull Request

You can start writing a doc from a pull request to document recently added features, refactors etc. You have the option to document either open or merged pull requests.

Note that Swimm will automatically add code snippets with the important parts that were changed or created during this PR. All you need to do is add the description and other relevant information.


Another option for creating documentation is to start by importing a local markdown file to be converted to a Swimm doc.

Code Snippet

Start a doc by selecting live code snippets from your codebase in your doc. Learn more about using code snippets here. Learn more about code snippets.

Request a Doc

If there is a doc that you’d like to have written by someone else on your team, you can “request a doc” from them. Learn more about requesting docs.

Guided Doc Creation

If you’re not sure where to start and prefer more assistance to create a doc, you can use our Guided Doc Creation wizard to help you create a new doc in just a few minutes. Using the wizard, we walk you step-by-step to create a Swimm doc on a topic of your choice. You can always continue on your own once you don’t need any additional help.


Swimm has a bank of templates to help you get started with common topics. So no need to invent the wheel! Just use our suggestions and just fill in the blanks.

Swimm is always developing new templates. The number of template options will continue to grow so stay tuned for new templates coming up soon.