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Documentation Workflow

Many companies either have no documentation or some documentation. In both cases though, the documentation is usually not synced with the code.

With Swimm, adding documentation to the developer workflow, is an organic progress.

Quick start to incorporate documentation creation as part of your developer workflow

There are two quick start approaches we recommend.

  1. When you have no documentation at all, start with a "docuthon" which is essentially a hackathon for documentation.
  • In just a few hours, set time aside for your dev team to focus on creating documentation on a specific code area that they are familiar with.
  • We suggest identifying the "low-hanging fruit" by creating documentation with guidelines and best practices. Go through your codebase and identify 5-10 of the most import and notable parts of the code to start with.
  • You can think about it like this: what would a new person/hire need to know about the codebase? This is a good starting place for documentation.
  1. When you have some documentation, ensure that your existing documentation is up to date.
  • Assign documentation to your teammates who know parts of the code the best.
  • Stay organized and use Swimm's features including Tags and Swimm Playlists.

The #1 reason to build documentation into your workflow?

Knowledge sharing is essential to building trust, leading to to strong team cultures and increased developer satisfaction.