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Understanding Swimm's Snippet Studio

Swimm's Snippet Studio is the primary way for Swimm to couple documentation to code. We make it easy to include snippets from as many source & text files as you need to bring someone up to speed on the flow of the code quickly.

How does snippet selection work?

The snippet studio opens with a tree view of your repository. There, you select a file that has some code that you want to describe. You can grab links on-the-fly by searching for it.

Open a snippet to begin with, and highlight the code that you want to bring into the document. Blue lines are the code that you want to focus on, while the gray lines indicate the context selection, or lines of code that will be shown before and after the blue highlighted area.


Every unique file for the snippets your document contains will appear as tabs at the top of the studio. This makes it easy to organize your writing flow. Every time you select "Add To Document" the highlighted code is added. You can add more snippets if needed.

How many snippets can I have?

As many as you want. Each snippet of code should help explain some aspect of the code that you think needs better clarification.