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What is Different About Swimm?

Here are some key differences between Swimm and other documentation platforms/tools:

With Swimm:

  1. Documentation is always up to date. One of Swimm’s core unique capabilities with Swimm’s patented Auto-sync feature is ensuring that your documentation will stay synced with the code as it evolves and changes.
  2. Access Swimm’s code-coupled editor. Swimm’s Editor has all the capabilities of rich text, Markdown, and live code snippets embedded in your docs.
  3. Consume documentation directly from the IDE. Documentation that is consumed at the right time means that you access it exactly when you need it. You’ll no longer need to switch contexts from the IDE and an external location for your docs.
  4. Understand the bigger picture of your documentation coverage. Once you get started with documentation, you’ll begin to see the wins of documenting your codebase for both short-term and long-term goals. You’ll know which parts of your codebase have documentation coverage and be able to set coverage priorities and goals for your teams.
  5. Access Swimm Playlists. Playlists are collections of docs, links, videos, Markdown files, and images that are put into a collection. It is one of Swimm’s most popular features, especially for onboarding.