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Swimm Playlists

A Swimm Playlist is just what it sounds like: a collection of documents, links, videos, Markdown files, and images stored as a Playlist collection in a particular order. They can be shared with anyone in a Swimm workspace and changes are tracked with git, with all the benefits of commits and branches.

Swimm keeps track of progress in a Playlist so onboarders don’t have to remember where they left off.

Common usages of Playlists are:​

  • An onboarding program for an individual or a role
  • A topic that needs to be consumed as a collection
  • A topic that has sequential order and needs to be viewed as a flow

However, there is no correct way to use Playlists.

How to create & edit Playlists​​

To create a Playlist, first, go into your repo, and then click on the plus sign next to Playlists.

This will bring up a pop-up to enter the Playlist name and begin browsing to select "Docs" and "Links" you want to include.

Note that you can also create new documentation for your Playlists while inside an existing Playlist.

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How to review Playlists​​

Open a Swimm Playlist and you’ll see that at the bottom of every page, there’s an option to mark it as read. You can begin reviewing a Playlist and stop at any point. Swimm will always keep track of where you’ve left off.

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How to add a Playlist to a doc and/or add another Playlist​​

In the Swimm Editor, type "/" to show the editor options.

Choose "Playlist" and navigate to the Playlist you'd like to select.