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Template: Code-Coupled Documentation Use Cases

Why code-coupled docs?

  1. Code-Coupled documentation takes readers on a guided tour of the codebase, using code snippets, tokens & paths to explain points of interest on the codebase map.

  2. Code-coupled docs point out recurring patterns, or describe interactions between different blocks of code that may reside quite far from each other or even in multiple repositories.

Documentation template

If you're looking for a template (a formula) to get started with documentation, review this template and start answering a few basic questions.

And then put these answer in your doc!


Why should you write this document? 
Who should read it and in what circumstances?
What would be the impact (time saved, less errors, better process, etc.)


How should you write this document? 
What you should prepare?
(Pertinent code, code examples, previous documents that were written,
generic documentation, etc.)


What should be included in this document? 
How you should structure it?
What are the most important elements?
What to avoid?