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Welcome to Swimm

What is Swimm

Swimm is a documentation tool designed for engineering teams to meet documentation challenges.

Swimm enables developers to create documentation that is:

  • Code-coupled
  • Always up to date
  • Easily created
  • Consumed when and where needed

Why Swimm

Many companies have given up on documentation, saying things like:

“Our docs become obsolete very quickly.”
“We just don't have time for documentation.”
“Documentation is too hard to create.”
“Developers don't like to write” or “The last thing developers want to do is write documentation.”
“It's too much work to maintain and update docs.”

We know documentation is broken. That's why we're here to fix it.

Why Swimm?

The connection between good documentation and higher developer productivity is now well established (GitHub's Octoverse study). At Swimm, we have seen firsthand that developer documentation is really a game changer for companies.

Swimm's Approach

Swimm's entire solution is built for engineering teams by engineers.

We treat documentation like code (Docs-as-code) to streamline the process so that documentation and code are created and maintained together. Swimm saves all documentation as code so that your docs are easy to read as Markdown files.

Swimm has many integrations with other tools. Compass. VS Code. IntelliJ. Slack and more to come!

How Swimm is Different

If you are asking what are the Swimm differentiators - what makes Swimm different - here's your answer:

Swimm's Patented Auto-sync Feature
With “Auto-sync,” documentation is always up to date. One of Swimm’s core unique capabilities with Auto-sync is ensuring that your documentation will stay synced with the code as it evolves and changes.

Our Code-Coupled Editor
Swimm created the world's first editor with all the capabilities of rich text, Markdown, and live code snippets embedded in your docs.

IDE Integrations
With Swimm, you will consume documentation directly from the IDE. Accessing documentation at the right time means that you have it exactly when you need it. You’ll no longer need to switch contexts from the IDE and an external location for your docs.

Guided Doc Creation
Swimm helps developers actually write documentation. We understand that writing documentation is not most developers’ forte. If you’re not sure where to start or prefer more assistance in writing a doc or notes, you can use Swimm’s Guided Doc Creation wizard and templates to help get a doc written in just a few minutes.

Documentation Coverage
Understand the bigger picture of your documentation coverage. Once you get started with documentation, you’ll know which parts of your codebase have documentation coverage and how to set up documentation coverage priorities and goals for your teams.