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How To Upgrade To Format

We're working hard on an upcoming release of Swimm that will bring us quite a few steps closer to saving documentation without the need for additional metadata within the document itself. We want Swimm to be a full-fledged docs-as-code (DAC) solution, so we're working on getting rid of the JSON.

Swimm Markdown (pronounced "swahm-dee", or "swimm-dee") is how the new format is being developed, and we'll be telling you all about it in the very near future.

Right now, our product teams really need your help. They need you to upgrade to the new type now, so that they can continue developing it.

This only takes a minute, and we thank you from the deep oceans of our ๐Ÿ’™s.

Web Users

Fix and commit any outdated docs.

At the top of the repository view, you'll see the following banner:

"Save Docs In The New Markdown Format Banner"

Click that, and follow through the dialog box that asks you to open a PR to upgrade:

"Save Docs In dialog"

After that, merge the PR to your main branch. Your upgrade is now done.

Desktop Users

Make sure you're running the latest version.

In a terminal, change into the repo directory and run the following command to verify that all your docs are up-to-date:

swimm verify

Fix and commit any outdated docs using the Swimm app.

Open the .swm/swimm.json file (relative to your repository root). The file for the repository that hosts this website currently looks like this:

"repo_id": "cu1SPrdutxiowHC7RsFY"

You need to add the custom configuration object as shown below:

"repo_id": "cu1SPrdutxiowHC7RsFY",
"configuration": {
"swmd": true

Then, in a terminal, run the following command:

swimm upgrade-files -a

You'll see something resembling the following output:

โ”Œโ”€[timothypost@tim] - [~/code/] - [2021-10-13 10:22:18]
โ””โ”€[0] <git:(master 6fe4730) > swimm upgrade-files -a
Info: Verifying units before attempting to upgrade...

โœ” How Do Links Work? (ANv7K) is verified.
โœ” Creating Static Pages (CVk1i) is verified.
โœ” Creating Custom Components (DV_q9) is verified.
โœ” Building The Site Manually (Rmly2) is verified.
โœ” Building Via The Makefile (W8D2A) is verified.
โœ” Creating Documents (W9vNb) is verified.
โœ” Creating Blog Posts (axB2v) is verified.
โœ” SEO Plugin Configuration (faNzX) is verified.
โœ” Starting Upgrade... โญโœจโญ

โœ” * ANv7K
โœ” * CVk1i
โœ” * DV_q9
โœ” * Rmly2doc
โœ” * W8D2A
โœ” * W9vNb
โœ” * axB2v
โœ” * faNzX
โœ” Upgrade finished successfully! โญโœจโญ
โ”Œโ”€[timothypost@tim] - [~/code/] - [2021-10-13 10:23:26]
โ””โ”€[0] <git:(master 6fe4730โœ—โžฆโœฑ+) >

You can then commit and push the changes. Your upgrade is now done.