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How To Contact Swimm

Slack / Email

Someone from Swimm is always on-call to help you if you have trouble with or questions about using Swimm. When you were invited to join the private beta, you should have gotten an invitation to a shared Slack connect space with Swimm (which requires you to have a paid Slack membership), or an invite to our public Slack community. If you didn't receive either, please let us know right away!

If you're unable to use Slack, you're welcome to e-mail and well get back to you ASAP. When reaching out, it's helpful if you include the following:

  • Swimm version you're using (always visible in the top-left corner)
  • The output of swimm log as run from the repository from where you were working
  • A brief summary of what you were trying to do, and what went wrong from your perspective, as best as you can gather it
  • Any other information that you think might be relevant

Stack Overflow / Other Q&A Sites Or Forums

Make sure you can post your question publicly, then follow the guidlines above. Please don't request features or report bugs on third-party sites, but if you have a question that you think others might benefit from, feel free to ask and someone will provide an answer for you.

If the site allows tagging, make sure you add swimm if possible, so it's findable. Send us the link, just to make sure we see and answer it promptly.