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Contributing To Swimm Community Projects

We're so glad you're here! If you're interested in getting more involved with helping others become advocates for up-to-date and comprehensive documentation, we've got plenty that you can do.

If you haven't yet done so, please check out our community page and say hello in Slack, where we coordinate our community efforts.

After that, you can do one, or however many you like, of the following things. All of them help equally, just pick things that seem like something you want to do.

Help Spread The Word!

Do you blog about your work or hobby experiences? We'd love to read about your honest take and experiences with Swimm. We also encourage you to write about the process that led you to find Swimm.

Our goal is to boost awareness of just how much a lack of documentation can harm productivity and developer job satisfaction. We want people to use something first and foremost; the practice needs to be elevated drastically in our industry.

Let us know through any community channel when you publish it, and we might even be able to share it in our channels.

Write A Script, Tool, Tutorial, Or Anything Else Handy.

If you've done something clever with your CI configs, or developed a script to automate something related to your Swimm workflow, put it in a repository somewhere and send us a link to it. We'll include it in our community integrations page and mention it in the next release notes.

In The Future, Help Translate This Website.

Docusaurus has a relatively simple i18n implementation. The fact that it's also statically-generated reduces a lot of complexity, it's just maintaining a copy of the MDX source files.

Right now, the site content remains very much a moving target as we release new features and refine the workflow even more. Once updates to this site become less frequent, we'll begin the process of translation and invite anyone that wishes to help with that effort.