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Enable Swimm AI

With Swimm, creating high-quality documents is easy. One useful tool is using generative AI.

Enable Swimm AI

Note: you need to be an admin of your workspace in order to enable this feature.

Go to the Integrations & settings for the repo.

Then within the Generative AI settings, toggle the option "Generative AI".


Why is this feature disabled by default?

When this feature is enabled, some of your data may be sent to OpenAI. This is different from our default Privacy & Security policy, and thus requires an explicit action.

In addition, you may check the box that allows sending anonymous data for analytics and retaining it for up to 30 days.

What data is sent to OpenAI's APIs?

Swimm may send parts of the specific document you are editing, including snippets. Swimm does not send other data (from other documents) to OpenAI.

Does OpenAI store my data?

According to OpenAI's API data usage policy, the data sent to OpenAI is not used to train or improve OpenAI's model, and may be retained for a limited time. Swimm does not ask OpenAI to act differently. Learn more in OpenAI's documentation.

Notice: The information above is subject to change by OpenAI, please rely on OpenAI's documentation to understand how OpenAI might treat your data.

Can I prevent an admin from enabling this feature?

Under the enterprise plan, this is possible. Please contact us.

Why can't I enable this feature?

To enable this feature, you must be an admin of your workspace. If you are not an admin, please ask an admin to enable this feature.

This document is automatically kept up to date using Swimm.