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Sharing with users without code access

You can share Swimm documents with users who don't have access to the repository. To do that, an admin needs to enable this feature for your repository, and then you can select specific documents to share.

Enable sharing with users without code access​

Note: you need to be an admin of your workspace in order to enable this feature.

Go to the Integrations & settings for the repo.

Then within the Sharing settings, toggle the option "Doc sharing with members who don’t have code access".

After enabling this feature, you can select specific docs that will be shared.

Share a doc​

Note: to share a document, sharing must be enabled for the repository.

Go to the specific document you would like to share, and click on the Share button next to Edit doc.

Toggle on the "Members without code access can view" option:

Select "Copy link". The link will be copied to your clipboard.


Will all of my documents be shared automatically?​

No. Users will have to explicitly share a document for it to be shared. Other documents are not shared, and only stored as Markdown files within your repository.

Who can access the shared documents?​

Only Swimm users in your workspace can view these documents.

Where are these documents stored?​

In addition to being stored on the repository, a published version is stored on Swimm's servers. This version is accessible only by people in your organization.

When are the documents updated?​

The shared version reflects the state on your default branch (for example, main). If you commit changes to the document, they will be reflected once you merge them to the default branch.

In case no version of the document exists on the default branch (for example, `main`), you can share a version on a side branch. You will be prompted for it when sharing a specific document.

Why can't I enable this feature?​

To enable this feature, you must be an admin of your workspace. If you are not an admin, please ask an admin to enable this feature.

You must also install Swimm's GitHub app in order to enable this feature.

Why can't I share my document?​

In case sharing is disabled for your repository, see the previous question.

In case sharing is enabled, you may not be able to share your document as it is a new draft. Only documents that have been committed can be shared.

This document is automatically kept up to date using Swimm.